Hello I am new in gams. I saved my data in excel format that was very huge. It was in two sheets in 1045 column in 952 rows. I ask software that shows result in tow sheets named X and Y (that each of them be in 1045 column in 952 row). When I ran my model it seems to be solved but I can’t receive output. Gams shows something like error (Adding new sheet. Data exceeds range for X and Y). What is it? How can I show output?

asked 24 Jul '14, 07:00

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It seems that "Data exceeds range for X and Y" states that the dimensions of your exported data do not match the dimensions of the ranges you have already defined in your Excel file. Make sure that the dimensions of both sides are correct and match each other. If that doesn't help, upgrading your GAMS system to a version later than 23.6.5 and using XLSX file format might help. According to here, GAMS has had previously some problems with very large exported data and the XLS file format. Although, that does not seem to be your case. Finally, I recommend to post your question on GAMS-L and GAMSWORLD Google group for a better chance of help.


answered 29 Jul '14, 04:39

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Hello. Thanks Ehsan. I change .XLS format to .XLSX and it works. Thank you alot

(30 Jul '14, 08:48) fatema
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