I am looking for a name for that problem in literature!

(and if you know literature also it would be great)

I did not find it and given the wide audience here, maybe you know more. Thank you

alt text

asked 31 May '14, 07:08

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fbahr ♦

I am not sure that it has a particular name, but it is a max-ordering problem. This type of problem is quite well studied (see for example chapter 5 in Matthias Ehrgotts "Multicriteria Optimization").

(31 May '14, 13:40) Sune

Thank you guys! I also found that the objective is called min max objective. Combining it with assignment leads to good search results!


(01 Jun '14, 12:08) zBirdy

I think I'd call it a "bottleneck-sum semi-assignment problem." Nothing much turns up in a search, though.


answered 31 May '14, 13:38

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Matthew Salt... ♦
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Sune's suggestion of "max-ordering" for the objective is more profitable as a search term, but still nothing much for "max-ordering semi-assignment."

(31 May '14, 16:57) Matthew Salt... ♦
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