I am trying to install CPLEX for python from the setup.py file existing in ILOG directory. I am working on windows 8 32bit and python 2.7. I am using this command for installing:

python setup.py install

But I get this error:

error: could not create 'build': access is denied.

Is it due to the permission? (I did apply the full control on the folder, but it was the same error I get.) How can I fix this?

asked 29 Apr '14, 06:56

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M Akbari
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You need to have (or grant) write permissions on the directory (and its subdirectories) where Python is installed (e.g., C:\Python27).

Alternatively, you can also provide a --home parameter to setup.py if you want (or, due to access restrictions, need) to install the CPLEX Python module in your user folder (e.g., somewhere in C:\Users\MAkbari\AppData\Local\...) (cf. [1])

> python setup.py install --home yourPythonPackageshome/cplex

[1]: http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/cosinfoc/v12r6/topic/ilog.odms.cplex.help/CPLEX/GettingStarted/topics/set_up/Python_setup.html

P.S.: For technical support and stuff specifically related to CPLEX, you might want to check out IBM's CPLEX Optimizer Forum.


answered 29 Apr '14, 07:57

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fbahr ♦
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Thanks for the answer, but I copied the python folder of CPLEX into another drive and setup it from there. It worked. I will install in this way to make sure everything is in its place.

(29 Apr '14, 08:13) M Akbari
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