I am an undergrad student and I am currently working on my Special Problem entitled "Application of Ant Colony Optimization Metaheuristic on Set Covering Problems."

My problem is that I need a program that can solve SCP using ACO algorithm. There are lots of ACO program there but most of them are solving Travelling Salesman Problem. I also found a useful article about new ideas for applying ant colony optimization to the set covering problem, it has the codes that I will be needing but my problem is I can't decode it in any other program. I just don't know how.

So, can someone help me by giving a program about ACO solving SCP? It would be a really great help.

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Academic assignments/homeworks are not encouraged in this forum. Perhaps you can try stackoverflow/mathexchange . also, look up JSTOR for papers and try reading books on heuristic design and development (that are in your university library) .

Asking someone to "give you a program" is not appreciated too. Here what I would suggest you to do:

  1. Start by writing the pseudocode to solve SCP by ACO
  2. visualize how the optimal solution would look like for your problem
  3. write seperate methods in a programming language of your choice for generating random solutions, pheromones, etc...
  4. collaborate/organize these methods to get some solution, if not optimal
  5. do an most basic implementation of ACO first and make it run. dont bother at all about optimal solutions. key here is to get started on writing heuristics.
  6. may be when you come back here with some existing ideas/basic implementation/code in your hand, I am sure you would get help in or-exchange to calibrate your existing algorithm.

Good luck with your project.


answered 17 Mar '14, 06:47

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Thank you and I am very sorry!

(17 Mar '14, 07:56) Jersss
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