I'm still a beginner in CPLEX and I have a program which I want to model with the constraints and objective function. I have a cloud architecture which contain J data center and each data center has a set of resources, and a set of requests and each request has its requirements. To solve this problem, i created a boolean varibale y(ijk) which take 1 if the resource k in the center j can fit my request i and 0 otherwise. So from the set of resource where the y(ijk)==1, i have to select the first site and the first resource to serve my request i. That's why i created two other boolean variable z(ij) which take 1 if the center n° j is the first center and x(ijk) is equal to 1 if k is the the first resource of the first center j that fit my request. I chose for this this two constraints: (j + 1) zij <= (s + 1) yijk (k + 1) xijk <= (r + 1) * yijk zij. But in vain i coudn't select the adequate resource. Can someone help me please. Thank's in advance.

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That use case sounds similar to Roadef2012's Machine Reassignment and my Cloud Balancing. Both cases have been implemented in multiple frameworks. No idea if anyone implemented either in CPLEX yet, try googling for "cplex machine reassignment" etc.

(07 Mar '14, 06:28) Geoffrey De ... ♦

You should not ask the same question twice... You asked it here: https://www.or-exchange.org/questions/9378/cplex-problem

(07 Mar '14, 08:06) jfpuget

The question has been closed for the following reason "Duplicate Question" by fbahr 16 May '14, 09:08

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