I am solving a same mixed integer problem several times (I am using different scenarios for each mixed integer program so that the optimal values of each mixed integer program are different) and trying to store optimal values of each mixed integer program in an array.

The following is the code that I wrote and I checked it is working properly:

parameters f=1 and u=10 are defined.

while ((f le u),
    Solve scheduling using mip maximizing objvalue;
    display objvalue.l;

    *** NEED some sentence(s) to store the objective values in an array ****.

    f = f+1;

Is there any way to store each optimal value in an array?

Thank you very much in advance.

asked 13 Feb '14, 15:58

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Define a parameter with its size equal to the number of scenarios (in your case 10) outside a loop.
Then, set its values within the loop accordingly.

The general template would as follows:

//outside the loop 
set f scenarios/f1*f10/;
parameter log(f);
//the loop
  //Solve the problem
  log(f) = z.l;

answered 13 Feb '14, 16:13

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Ehsan, Thank you very much. It's working well now

(13 Feb '14, 16:36) Mike390
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