Two questions:

  1. How to link a local Visual C++ to a remote CPLEX? Is there a instruction or a useful link?
  2. I am using c++ with cplex concert. I try to read three dimensional matrix from either .dat or .txt file into parameters, say IloNumArray3 a[i][j][k] in my cplex model. I have several methods mentioned online, like reading data line by line or reading one by one, but neither works. Anyone have encountered similar problems? Or can you share how you do 3-dimensional data reading into IloNumArray3.

Thanks a lot!

asked 10 Dec '13, 14:09

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Often we see CPLEX questions here, which is fine, though I don't understand why they are not posted directly in CPLEX support. In your case the question is mostly technical and not OR, I suggest asking in CPLEX support forum.

(10 Dec '13, 14:20) Bo Jensen ♦

...which, for the sake of completeness (& future reference), is to be found here:

(10 Dec '13, 14:31) fbahr ♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "Other" by fbahr 17 Jan '14, 07:07

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