Hi! I'm currently working on a variant of a rostering problem for an airline.

As I know, there are well-known benchmarks for vehicle routing problems, like Solomon, Augerat et al. etc which are organised nicely on the internet.

Do you know any well-known benchmark datasets for manpower planning, especially rostering and timetabling problems?

thanks, David Lai

asked 03 Nov '10, 07:08

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David Lai
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For manpower planning you have the results of the International nurse rostering competition 2010. I made a comparison between tabu search and simulated annealing on that problem implemented in Drools Planner. Note that if you plan only 30 days and only a few people, like in all the testdata of the nurse rostering competition, you're better off with more exact methods instead of meta-heuristics (tabu search, simulated annealing). However if you need to be able to scale to several months or a year and many people, you'll soon find out that exact methods don't scale well at all.

Closely related are the educational rostering problems, such as examination from ITC2007.


answered 03 Nov '10, 07:53

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Geoffrey De ... ♦
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You might have a look at OR-Library, specifically the crew scheduling and timetabling sections. I don't know if there are current performance benchmarks associated with those problems, but you could search for papers citing the problem sources.


answered 03 Nov '10, 22:38

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Paul Rubin ♦♦
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