INFORMS is releasing a new mobile app for the Minneapolis conference next week. This mobile app is based on the 'ConferenceToGo' app that has been developed independently by Samik Raychaudhuri for the past 2-3 years. You may already know him, as he a member here on OR-X and was until recently a senior developer with Oracle working on the Crystal Ball software. Now this app has been adapted specifically for INFORMS and is now available on the Google Play store under the name "INFORMSMobile". Within few days, an iOS version of the app will also be made available on the Apple App store.

We need to some serious further testing of this app for the next few days, before we release it officially to the conference attendees. We are asking members of OR-X to participate in this testing, so if you have an Android device and want to participate, you have two choices. You can either place your comments as response to this announcement here on OR-X, or if you wish you can send me an email at bjarni(at), and I will give you write access to the internal Google document the IT Committee has been using for its testing so far.

There are mainly two areas we are looking for to be tested. First, is to measure how quickly and easily you are able to locate the talks you are interested in and want to include in your personal itinerary. Our goal here is for most people to be able to accomplish this in about 20-30 minutes. Please note that you can locate the talks either by searching or by browsing through the program, and you can use whichever method you prefer. Secondly, after the itinerary has been assembled, we want to test how well it works, that is does it contain all the talks/events you want to attend, and does it give you all the necessary information to figure out quickly where to go next.

Please note that the mobile app is still under heavy development by Samik and INFORMS, and there may be some potential for crashes as results. Please be patient and if you experience a crash, give us as much detail as possible, so Samik can quickly fix the problem.

Best regards,

Bjarni Kristjansson VP of IT INFORMS

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Thanks for the announcement, Bjarni. Group, I will personally monitor this thread for comments - thanks for your feedback.

Also, if you are in the process of organizing a conference and would like to use the app, let me know. You can also visit the app website at:

(27 Sep '13, 09:26) Samik R.

New release of the INFORMS Mobile app was just released yesterday by Samik on Google Play store. The upcoming iOS version will be out within few days. If you have a chance to participate in the testing and give us some comments, that will be greatly appreciated.

(01 Oct '13, 01:47) BjarniMax

A few comments on the system (which is very nice!)

1) "Technical" not "Techincal" (as in "Techincal Sessions (MC)"

2) It would be great to be able to add social events like the IOL reception to "my program"

3) Finding things so far seems easy, though I wish when I search on "Trick" it wouldn't do substring search showing all the "Patrick"s

4) Do you really need to load just 10 tracks at a time in "browse"? First thing to hit each time is "load more tracks" 6 times in order to see all the tracks in a time slot.


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Mike Trick ♦♦
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Mike, thanks for the comments. I will try taking into account these ones in the next refresh.

(01 Oct '13, 07:50) Samik R.

Are there issues with the new (10/5) update? The app seems hung up on "transferring starred talks"?

(05 Oct '13, 08:40) Mike Trick ♦♦

Just "force stopped" it and it seems fine. Thanks for adding the stars to the various social events! This looks great!

(05 Oct '13, 08:42) Mike Trick ♦♦

Except the 'full name' one, rest of the issues have been taken care of.

(06 Oct '13, 13:47) Samik R.
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