I have majored in mechanical in under-graduation and am finding the field of Operations Research very exiting!!

I suppose that while designing a Solar Power Plant/Wind Farms, OR experts must have a crucial role to play. OR experts can provide optimum location/layout for the these type of power stations after taking into consideration the several types of stochastic parameters. Am I guessing it correct? Are there any companies/universities/individuals involved in this kind of OR application domain? Which topics of OR (like Stochastic methods, Linear programming etc..)would be complimentary to begin with in this domain?

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We, at IBM, have various experience and on going projects in this area.

One was for Red Electrica de Espana (Spanish Utility) where they schedule production taking into account wind farm, levceraging meteo forecast. See for instance link text

IBM also recently announced another project related to wind farm optimization, see link text

This is to say that there is definitely some room for OR in this area. I'm sure we are not the only ones looking at it!


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HyRef looks very interesting. According to IBM's research analysts, HyRef improve the Wind/Solar farm efficiency by almost 10%!!! That great!! This project of IBM related to wind farm optimization is exactly what I had in mind.

Thank you very much.

(22 Aug '13, 10:26) pranavhardas

hmm.. but the comments given on the IBM's wind farm optimization link you mentioned above are quite detrimental about the company's program. I wonder why?

(22 Aug '13, 20:35) pranavhardas

I'd just say that if Vestas teamed with IBM, it is because they find value.

I don't read comments in general ... Indeed, it is nearly impossible to differentitate between the person who really knows something about the topic, and someone who thought 5 sec and express an unfounded opinion. Especially when it is about a paper based on marketing material like this one.

Here is a link with a bit more technical information:


I wish I could share more technical information,but I can't.

(23 Aug '13, 04:32) jfpuget

I know of another project, concerned about the design and control of kite-based wind power: highwind The do optimal control, so you'd need to know about differential equations and MINLP.


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Kite-based wind power looks quite appealing!! Its still to commercialized yet. So I think this technology offers a great opportunity for Operations Research analyst with mechanical Engineering background. I will surely look deeper into it.

Thank you.

(22 Aug '13, 20:51) pranavhardas
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