Big data is (amongst other principles) about working with data for which the dataset is so big, that it cannot fit on one computer node, that it cannot fit into a relational database. This means the data needs to be stored in distributed systems like Infinispan, Hadoop, ... A good example of big data is twitter's firehose or google maps / openstreet maps.

Are there any well-described optimization problems for big data, with datasets and results available? Any challenges or contests? Any good, readable research papers?

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Big Data isn't just large volume of data. It is also about non structured data, or data in motion, see Big Data for dummies

We're having some big data optimization projects at IBM, but I can't disclose them for now unfortunately.


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Too bad that nothing of that is open. I am thinking of doing a proof of concept (open source of course :) of hooking OptaPlanner to Infinispan. If any else is implementing the same use case, it would make for an interesting comparison.

(03 Jul '13, 08:29) Geoffrey De ... ♦
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