I am looking for an implementation of Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem using Tabu Search for simulation purposes. Is there one available or some pointers ? (I would hate to reinvent the wheel)

asked 16 Jun '13, 05:46

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If it is not indiscreet, why are you specifically looking for an implementation using Tabu Search ?

(17 Jun '13, 08:59) Renaud

I've got an open source (Apache license) implementation of the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem:

To turn it into Periodic VRP, I would rename VrpVehicle to VrpVehicleRideForOneDay create one of those for each vehicle and for each day.

PS: I am working on VRP improvements to include time windows, that code will hit master later this week.


answered 17 Jun '13, 03:11

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Geoffrey De ... ♦
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I tried running the utility. I was able to resolve all the dependencies except the org.kie.api. It may be because the jars are not available where they are supposed to be: http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.kie/kie-ap

The latest versions are not available. I have tried numerous versions and I can't get it to work. Could you please point me to the correct jar file ?

(17 Jun '13, 22:50) vermaatnitc

To just run it, download the zip and run examples/runExamples.sh. Prettier info in docs.

To build from source, just git clone it, maven build it and open the pom.xml in IntelliJ/Eclipse/NetBeans. More info in docs. Then run OptaPlannerExamplesApp.

(18 Jun '13, 03:13) Geoffrey De ... ♦

The kie-api jar is in the JBoss repository. You can download it directly here, but I wouldn't recommend that because it's likely you'll be missing other jars. It's more practical to open the zip file and grab the jars from there or - which is more maintenance friendly - to open the pom.xml and let maven download them.

(18 Jun '13, 03:17) Geoffrey De ... ♦
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