I'm looking at a good intro book on MIP with some applications (something on the same level as 'Linear Programing, foundations and extensions' by Vanderbei would be great).

An extend paper could also do, if it covers CP it's even better. Any suggestions ?

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This answer is seen pretty frequently on this forum... and no suprise there sice it's a very good read and it's free.


from chapter 9 forward you will find text about IP and MIP but I recommend you read it from the beginning.


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sorry i don't have the reps to upvote. will do as soon as i can.

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If you want to dig a bit deeper :

"Integer and Combinatorial Optimization" G.L. Nemhauser & L.A Wolsey

or the easier to read :

"Applied Integer Programming - modeling and solution" D. Chen, R.G. Batson & Y. Dang

and if you plan to use it in real life, you should always read :

page 144-219 in "Model Building in Mathematical Programming" H. Paul Wiliams


answered 14 Oct '10, 18:11

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If you like OR books, then you should definitely look at this thread : http://www.or-exchange.com/questions/478/what-is-your-favorite-operations-research-book

(14 Oct '10, 18:17) Bo Jensen ♦

Laurence A. Wolsey, Integer programming

It does not cover CP, but it's a very concise introduction to Mixed Integer programming.


answered 14 Oct '10, 10:06

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