I am running CPLEX with the option of NODE_FILE_IND=3 and the WORKDIR established as ".". In my machine I have an environmental variable TMP for a folder that I can access.

However, when running CPLEX, and after it crashes, I cannot locate node files (cpx), nowhere. May someone guide me on this?

My best regards, Diogo André Alagador

asked 04 Apr '13, 07:11

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WORKDIR="." (the default value) should write the node file to the "current" directory, not to TMP (unless you happen to be running your program from TMP). The other thing to remember is that nothing is written to the disk until the tree exceeds the tree memory limit, so if the program crashes before that limit is reached, you won't have a node file.


answered 04 Apr '13, 18:20

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Paul Rubin ♦♦
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Thnaks Paul,

Yes! You are right about that. But I am sure that the memory size limit to start writing node files is reached. I have also tested with a very small value for this (CPX_PARAM_WORKMEM) and still I could not locate node files.

Cheers, Diogo André Alagador

(05 Apr '13, 03:49) Diogo74

Try setting WORKDIR to the TMP directory (using the full path, not the environment variable) and see if the node file shows up there. If CPLEX runs into a problem with write permissions, I'm not sure what happens.

(06 Apr '13, 09:49) Paul Rubin ♦♦
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