Is Operations Research similar to Management Science?

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You got a down vote by some one, since you must mean Management Science and not just Management. Also it is quite easy to google the terms, though there still are different opinions on where the lines are drawn between the two terms.

(03 Oct '10, 06:21) Bo Jensen ♦

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Operations Research is similar to Management Science; in fact, INFORMS is the merger of two professional societies, one for OR and one for MS. I've seen various nit-picky attempts to define the differences, but as far as I can tell (and I'm nominally a "professor of management science") MS focuses on managerial decision making while OR encompasses some problems that might be considered to fall in the engineering domain. Maybe.

Management (as opposed to Management Science) is very much different from OR. Most university management departments (at least the US) heavily emphasize organizational behavior (which is essentially psychology applied to the study of what motivates individuals and groups within an organization and how they perform and interact) and business strategy (or, as it's known in the Caribbean, voodoo). Some management departments include MS or OR (possibly classified as "decision sciences"), and some include information systems/technology, but they tend to be mainly org behavior, strategy or "general management", none of which resemble OR very much.


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Paul, since you are the only user who has the right to edit posts, I would suggest you edit the headline to Management science, which must be what is meant here.

(03 Oct '10, 06:18) Bo Jensen ♦

@Bo: I can't edit the original question, only my response. It appears Ivanam did edit the post, though, which makes the second paragraph of my response stale now ... but I'll leave it anyway, for posterity.

(04 Oct '10, 21:09) Paul Rubin ♦♦

@Paul, hmmm you should be able to edit (I think). I have been edited myself on other similar forums. We really need some one to improve the question quality, otherwise we might loose traffic.

(06 Oct '10, 04:39) Bo Jensen ♦

@Bo: Maybe Mike Trick can edit questions, as he is the Progenitor and Kahuna of the site. Personally, I'd rather not have the authority (and onus).

(06 Oct '10, 15:32) Paul Rubin ♦♦

They are one and the same from my viewpoint. Synonyms.


answered 05 Jan '11, 01:29

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