I'm looking for [concise, yet comprehensive] online resources and/or (state of the art) survey papers presenting complexity results for classical OR problems such as

  • Shortest Path and Spanning Tree Problems;
  • Network Flow, Assignment and Knapsack Problems;
  • Traveling Salesman and Vehicle Routing Problems;
  • ...

(and their respective variants).

By "complexity results", both problem-specific lower bounds (resp., complexity classes) as well as performance of seminal algorithms (optimal, approximative) should be addressed.

For instance, the Scheduling Zoo is a nice searchable bibliography on results w.r.t. scheduling problems (though, it does not offer detailed statements in terms of Big-\(O\)-assessments).

Collected web resources:

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asked 29 Sep '10, 19:47

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This one is a classic resource for NP-hard problems: http://www.csc.kth.se/~viggo/wwwcompendium/. Unfortunately, it does not seem to get updated any more, but there are probably too many results out there to keep track.

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answered 30 Sep '10, 08:32

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Here is a very useful Library for the Quadratic Assignment Problem


Here You can find papers , solvers, solutions...

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answered 30 Sep '10, 12:20

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