Does anyone have information about some survey or statistics concerning use of LP/ MILP tools in practice? I’m mainly interested in way of using. Which of the forms is more common: Stand alone desktop modeling environment or API for programming languages like C++, Java, Python? Is there any standard frequently used way of integration LP modeling tools into various kinds of software, or most of the solutions are specially tailored for individual use cases?

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This isn't an answer because I'm not aware of any such survey; but personally I use a modeling language (AMPL) to do fast protyping. If I were to build a product to bring to market, I would rewrite my model in a programming language to avoid a dependency on a modeling language (unless that modeling language had some sort of redistributable runtime). So it's not an either-or, it's often a both-and.

(04 Mar '13, 13:10) Gilead ♦

Not sure if it qualifies as an answer, but there was a discussion on it in the gurobi google-groups recently too

(04 Mar '13, 17:01) yeesian

I am not aware of statistics. That would be a very difficult study to design. The best way I can think of to guestimate the size of the industry and the most common usage patterns is to estimate head counts on the companies listed in Bob's annual LP survey.


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