Could you please suggest top of the breed software to perform sequencing and scheduling for a vertically integrated company with constraints similar to automotive assembly (i.e. distribution of orders, color constraints, trim constraints, time window constraint etc.).

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It's a long list :) Especially since the question implies you want to strongly customize your constraints. Try specifying some of your requirements, like programming language, OS to run on, ... to cut down the list.


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Hi Rkatti,

Please see if these examples are helpful (for a stylized version of your problem see Example 3.5):

They come from the SAS/OR Constraint Logic Programming procedure (PROC CLP), which has some scheduling-specific constructs you might find convenient.

SAS/OR also has a Modeling Language (OPTMODEL, the product I work on), Integer and Nonlinear programming solvers, a dedicated OR consulting group, technical support, documentation, a large community of independent experts, not to mention the forecasting, visualization, reporting, data integration, and other tools from base SAS and other SAS products.

Good luck! Leo.


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CPLEX is indeed used in some scheduling or sequencing applications, but we, at IBM, have another solver, ILOG CP optimizer, that may be a better fit, depending on the application. You can have a look at examples here

The difference with other contraint programming tools is the existence of interval variables that can represent tasks and many common scheduling constraints. This has been used in various automotive related applications like car sequencing, line balancing, etc.

Interval variables and scheduling constraints are available in our OPL modeling language, examples are available at the above link. You can also code your models via C++, Java and .net APIs is you wish.

OPL, CPLEX and CP Optimizer are available in a single product, ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio.


answered 10 Feb '13, 08:58

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