I am a student of IT. Also have few subjects of management. I liked those subjects but found OR bit boring and confusing. So is there some book recommended for it so that I can learn from start, then basic and cover it all. The book in which there are also real world problems told because my mind accept the things faster which are applicable in real world as I start enjoying learning that way. So please recommend some good OR Books.

asked 29 Jan '13, 16:18

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This question or variations has come up a numerous times in the past. Please type "books" in the search field and see if some of the threads contain useful information for you.

Similar question


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didn't find some interesting info from other three questions, third was mine. Also another question had few books but in that question book was for masters, I want introductory books with some applications and examples that I didn't found on this site.

(29 Jan '13, 16:46) Hafiz

I have updated my reply with a link to a similar question, if you're looking for something different, please be more specific.

(29 Jan '13, 17:05) Bo Jensen ♦

thanks I think this is for what I was looking for.

(29 Jan '13, 17:27) Hafiz

answered 30 Jan '13, 12:37

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Go to the tag "Books" and select most voted.

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The classic Render and Stair textbook

"Quantitative Analysis for Management"

is the easiest introduction to the subject of Operations Research (also known as Management Science). Easy is good since you will be attempting to learn without the guidance of a professor / expert, and you can always find more complicated books after you are more comfortable with the subject. The Render and Stair textbook has a large number of case studies and worked examples. Highly recommend this book.

I am a software developer and I am a self learner like you, currently refreshing myself on material using this textbook. Twenty years ago I took an excellent undergraduate Operations Research course at college.

The material in the new editions is updated somewhat but the used textbooks have largely similar material. This means slightly used copies might be bought for cheap price on Amazon etc. Third edition is what I use (copyright 1988) and it's perfectly good for 95% of everything an introductory OR student will need to know.

Another top OR introduction at the undergraduate level is the Hillier and Lieberman textbook

"Introduction to Operations Research",

also a classic. However, Hillier and Lieberman requires slightly more mathematical background.

I suggest you buy them BOTH on the used market, and then you can pick and choose material from both books. You can't go wrong!

Let me know if you need any other ideas about OR software too, as I'm a developer and maybe you are too?

Good Luck


answered 12 Feb '13, 11:41

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