I'm a 2yrs Bachelors Degree Holder (B.Com)...I want to apply in UK for my further studies...But i don't know what to do...*I am More interested in Accounting instead of Finance...*my friends gave me few options,but i'm confused...so i need advice which option is best or is there any better option than that...Thanks

1.Go for an MBA (Universities requires atleast 3 yrs Bachelors Degree + minimum of 2 yrs work experience) <<< my Bachelors degree is of 2 yrs and i dont have work experience

2.Go for MSC (Accounting & Finance)...after completing that u get work permit in uk,Work for 2 yrs and then go for MBA

3.Go for Pre-Masters Degree or Diploma in Business Management, then go for MBA

After completing MSC (Accounting),what to do next? or is tht enough for my Career?

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1) Perhaps posting in an operations research oriented forum is not the best place for advice on Accounting and Finance. 2) Who the heck gives a two year's Master's degree? 3) "ur"->"your"; "tht" -> "that"; "u" -> "you" etc. If you want professional advice, don't type like a tweener.

(15 Sep '10, 13:28) Michael Trick ♦♦

Oops. "Two years Bachelors Degree"

(15 Sep '10, 13:28) Michael Trick ♦♦

Interesting. Looks like it depends on the country. According to Wikipedia you can get a B.Com in Pakistan after two years. I loved taking general education classes, but sometimes I envy my classmates who had the British-style undergraduate that allowed (forced?) them to take twice as many technical classes as I did before starting grad school.

(15 Sep '10, 19:20) AnORStudent

This is to answer all people looking for career advice and here is my number one answer. --Do what you want to do--. By that I mean have career objectives, goals, and ambitions. Follow what your mind says but don't neglect your heart. Not all career paths are going to work to plan either so be aware that changes will be needed to be made in the future.

So in a nutshell, if you want higher learning than do it now. If ultimately you want to be in the private/public sector than go there. Often times an employer will pay for your education so you can fulfill two dreams at once.

There is no magic algorithm for career advice. Learn all you can about your different choices and pick one. Don't worry you can always change it later and try something different.


answered 15 Sep '10, 12:36

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