I'm currently working in "Job Shop" specialized in dies and molds. I would like to have a PHD in Industrial Engineering. I’d like to know some of the IE topics (Lean Six Sigma, Optimization, Project Management, Modeling .. etc) that can be considered for my PHD work related to my carrier.

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Ultimately you will need to find an unsolved (but manageable) problem in one of those areas, and you will need to find a thesis advisor who is interested in (or at least willing to advise someone in) the area. The latter may get into questions about how an individual faculty member or department defines IE.

That said, I'm pretty sure there are still problems to be solved in machine scheduling (optimization and/or simulation), facility location and layout and other facility-system level manufacturing problems. In the semiconductor industry, laying out components on a wafer is still not exhausted as an area of study (I think).

I know there is work going on regarding frequency allocation and equipment location in cellular communications networks, and there is research going on in sensor positioning in road networks.


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Dr. @Paul Rubin: Sir, When you say there are still problems to be solved in scheduling, are you referring to computational complexity to solve large scale scheduling problem or is it some special variant altogether?

(15 Nov '12, 00:01) Pavan

@Pavan: Both. Mind you, I have not kept up on recent scheduling research, so I'm not sure where the boundaries are. Machine scheduling problems with sequence dependencies (such as sequence-dependent setups) tend to be NP-hard, so there is always room for a faster algorithm that allows you to scale up. Other problems (such as scheduling multiple stage problems, or dealing with labor as well as machines) add complexity to the models (what you might call "special variant").

(15 Nov '12, 09:30) Paul Rubin ♦♦
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