Hi everyone,

I would be interested in potential applications of OR in the healthcare sector. Do you know any good papers/books that would make a survey of the applications of OR in healthcare?

Thank you!

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Just to name some of the more obvious options you might want to explore (and propably already did, ...anyhow):

If you search for health care/operations research titles on Amazon, you'll easily find a lot of more recent compilations – mostly dedicated to scheduling, capacity-, flow-, and cost analysis/management. Also, most of the "classic" OR journals have special issues or survey papers on applications of OR/MS methods and tools to health care, for instance Operations Research in Healthcare: A survey (ITOR, 18/2010).


answered 05 Oct '12, 04:42

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Thank you, lots of good things in there. Is there a bible of OR to healthcare?

(05 Oct '12, 10:52) mrtncou

Not that I know of; but Wiley's E.ORMS has some very recent survey papers on applications of OR/MS in medicine and health care (freely accessible) – haven't read these, but those papers I've actually read from E.ORMS are very well written.

(06 Oct '12, 16:16) fbahr ♦
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