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Some of the OR related articles on Wikipedia are inaccurate (see this for example) and Wikipedia does not have articles on interesting OR topics (for example there is no article on the ordering policies or join replenishment ideas)

OR articles on Wikipedia obviously need some attention.

My question is how can we join forces to improve these articles?

I have made a project page on Wikipedia there is a "To do list" on that page in which you can insert the articles that need attention and request new articles. If you would like to help in edits you can also add your user name to the list of contributors and we will ask for your inputs as we work on articles.

Even if you do not like to edit Wikipedia articles please consider helping with populating the to do list and I will try to work on those articles as much as possible

What other methods can we use in order to improve Wikipedia in our field?

Update: The project now has its own user box. If you want to show your passion about Operations Research you can place this tag {{User OR}} on your Wikipedia profile page

asked 27 Nov '09, 13:13

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Mark ♦
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fbahr ♦

I think one way to really improve the wikipedia article would be to have some modern success stories. Off the top of my head is Sabre Airline Solutions/American Airlines - Airline Ticketing Revenue Management. There are countless others.


answered 15 Mar '10, 18:32

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larrydag 1 ♦
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Great link for success stories.

(16 Mar '10, 17:05) larrydag 1 ♦

One answer is to make the need more widely known. I have done so at my blog


answered 27 Nov '09, 14:21

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Michael Trick ♦♦
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I totally see your point and sympathize. I once made a page for "Discrete time Markov Chains". and I had to fight a kid who thought that it should be deleted since the topic is not "Notable" enough (I am just assuming he tags all short articles with a firefox plug-in in batches!). After a long battle, I lost the fight and the article got deleted. I had to go through a formal Wikipedia request to bring back the article. It wasted a day of my life just because a deletionist didn't like my article. Wikipedia is sometimes a true tribute to idiocy!

(27 Nov '09, 19:28) Mark ♦

This article on the Telegraph might be interesting too

(27 Nov '09, 21:17) Mark ♦

I should add a blog post as well on this topic.

(12 Apr '10, 14:24) larrydag 1 ♦
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