I would like to know how Operations Research (Optimization) is used in Information Management Industry. Is there any opportunities of working on Data Science domain using Optimization? Also, any references for published papers in this domain is welcome. Are there any universities (any of you might know) working on OR techniques in Information systems management domain? Thanks in advance for your responses.

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There are numerous journals publishing articles related to optimization applications in ISR and vice versa, e.g.:

  • Information Systems Research (ISR), INFORMS
  • Information Science, Elsevier
  • Information Systems, Elsevier
  • Information and Management, Elsevier
  • Information Systems Journal, Wiley
  • ...

For instance, the decision support department at my university applies data mining/"intelligent" data analysis and OR techniques to planning and management problems in scheduling, bike-sharing, and vehicle routing.

More specifically w.r.t. the second part of your question, there are some journals that cover data science topics (incl., but not restricted to, optimization):

Furthermore, optimization in machine learning has become a "hot" topic, e.g.


ML has also been discussed here (on OR-Exchange):


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Thanks for the response, florian. I will have a look at the journal papers.

(07 Aug '12, 03:23) Pavan
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