I am implementing support for Multi-Objective Optimization (see explanation image here). Are there any canonical datasets in the public domain for that in the researcher community? I'd like to implement it and compare my results with the known optimal solutions.

asked 03 Aug '12, 02:27

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I'm not sure whether these are considered standard in multi-objective optimization literature, but here are some links:

  1. The MOCO Numerical Instances Library (including multi-objective versions of set packing, set covering, knapsack, and linear assignment problems)

  2. Multiobjective Shortest Path Problem

  3. Biobjective TSP

  4. Multiobjective Quadratic Assignment Problem


answered 03 Aug '12, 02:48

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Ehsan ♦
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Thanks, great links :) Are the links in random order or in order of preference or popularity? I only have time to implement 1 or 2 for now, so I am looking for the favorite(s) in our OR-X community.

(03 Aug '12, 03:09) Geoffrey De ... ♦

It's a random order. I've just worked on some set covering instances due to my own interest in facility location models.

(03 Aug '12, 03:14) Ehsan ♦
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