Is there a software thathelp me to find pattern in a seguence of numbers?

For example, I've this data:

15,35,53,100, 243



And i need to figure out if is there a pattern that generate these numbers or are random? Could be useful also a tool that allow me data visualization

asked 12 Jul '12, 15:08

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answered 13 Jul '12, 07:03

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There are two ways to address the first part of your question:

  • If you're looking for recurring "patterns of numbers" in a series, you're dealing with a field called "sequential pattern mining" [or "sequence mining"] (Google will give you loads of references on books, overview papers, etc. on this – since it's hot).

  • If you're looking for some kind of "generating function" behind a (subsequence of a) stream of numbers, you're dealing with ...well: "generatingfunctionology" (and Google will also give you loads of links related to this – since it's freakin' hard [when also – but even not neccessary (see below) – taking stochastic variations, incomplete streams, etc. into account]).

Anyways... if you "just" want to check whether a stream of data (~numbers) is – or "appears" to be – random, there are statistical tests that will help you with this. [to be continued]

Edit: Before someone else mentions it ...for instance, pseudorandom number generators have (deterministic!) "generating functions" ...and, by design (goal), you shouldn't be able to detect or even re-engineer them just by looking at the output stream.


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The link on generating functions is way cool (it's usually covered in a class in combinatorial analysis) I look forward to the continuation of your answer!

(20 Jul '12, 04:43) yeesian

Another thing to look at is Time Series Analysis, especially with visualization.


answered 04 Jul '13, 23:01

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What would be the classification if I am looking for a particular result from a series of numbers?

For example, if I took the temp, humidity, wind speed and wind direction of 100 cities. From these 400 numbers, could I find a pattern that says anything about the weather?

I assume there is some already done work in this area.


answered 03 Jul '13, 11:18

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You would do better not to ask questions as part of a comment on a very old question. In any case, the issues you refer to are generally handled by techniques in statistical analysis or in data mining.

(03 Jul '13, 13:13) Mike Trick ♦♦

Thanks Mike. I didn't look at the date and of course your right. It is probably not the best idea to "add-on" questions. I landed here from a google search and (after registering) the question popped out :).


(05 Jul '13, 07:08) ilancerose
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