I'm a big fan of Formula 1 and I've always wondered if OR specialist work in the definition of strategies for the teams. There are several factors that affect performance in a race, for example:

  • Weather conditions
  • Type of tyres used: there are different tyre compositions each with it's own pros and cons.
  • Fuel level
  • Number of pit stops
  • Moment of the race when those pit stops occur: teams try to plan their stops so their car won't get stuck behind slow traffic when returning to the track.

This is a summary of the strategies of the last Montreal Grand Prix with some nice graphs.

So, do you know some OR applications in this sport?

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Obviously, "race strategy"1 and optimized "pit stop procedures" are a big deal in F1 (and, interestingly, in health care, too) ...and are – or maybe: were? – a research topic at the University of Southampton (ref. Chris Potts). [One of his former students, Neil Martin, now is head of the OR dept. at Ferrari Formula One (bf.: McLaren Racing, Red Bull Racing).]

Update: It has been brought to my attention that Israel Vieira (Cardiff Univ.) made Brawn GP win the 2009 championship (or ...sort of): learnaboutor.co.uk: What is OR - The Movie.

[1] Planning Formula One race strategies using discrete-event simulation — J.ORS


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