What opportunities can i look for after my masters?

I have following universities in my mind, which would be the best option ?

Gorgia state university

North carolina state university

Oklahoma state university

Perdue university

Rochester institute of technology

University of wisconsin maddison

Virginia polytechnica institute and state university

Pennsylvania state university

SUNY Buffelo

Clemson University

IOWA state university


California, Berkely ( But No spring admissions as per website)

Columbia university

Thanks for the help in advance

waiting for answers

asked 09 Jul '10, 07:51

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is this profile good enough to get into Berkely ?

(17 Jul '10, 06:52) Ram

Yes you have the minimum requirements

(18 Jul '10, 00:49) Mark ♦

Purdue produces engineers. Perdue produces chickens. The former might be sensitive about spelling.

(02 Oct '10, 19:33) Paul Rubin ♦♦

This thread must have been edited, it is now unreadable, since OP information is not included. Please only edit if it does not break the thread.

(03 Oct '10, 07:21) Bo Jensen ♦

Also the headline is not informative and should be edited to match the content of the question.

(03 Oct '10, 08:32) Bo Jensen ♦

Sorry for "Purdue" spelling.

Since I have received satisfying answer to my question, I request Admin to kindly close this post (If possible!). Because i feeel people should not waste their valuable time in reading something irrelevant. :)

(27 Oct '10, 06:34) Ram
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I would advise you to take a deeper dive into what operations research is and see where you would see yourself after a Master's degree in OR. In other words, do you want to pursue OR in a oil and gas industry?

After that look at the research areas the universities you have listed, have to offer. These are usually mentioned in the department website. Look for a closer match to what your final objective is.

OR is a field which is a great add on to any profile. So do not worry about your undergraduate major.

All the best in your university search.


answered 10 Jul '10, 03:52

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These are helpful directions. Thank You

(17 Jul '10, 07:23) Ram

Here are my thoughts:

1) How do see this profile for graduate admissions ? Your chemical engineering background is totally fine for a degree in IE or OR as long as you somehow reveal your interest and enthusiasm towards OR/IE/MS to your admission committee.

However, admission to graduate schools dependa on a number of factors in addition to what you have included. For example your undergraduate university is important, for example if you are coming from IIT(India), Tsinghua University (China), Technion or Tel Aviv Universities (Israel) the admission committee will look at your application folder more favorably. Not that other universities are not good but simply because students from these universities have been extremely successful in the US.

Publications are also somewhat important although I am not sure if they are required for masters admissions.

2) How do you see a chemical engineer going for a masters in IE/OR ? Every year I see chemical engineers among our new grad student and they are perfectly qualified. I come from a similar background myself (aerospace engineering) and I still managed to do well. I am sure you'll be fine.

3) What opportunities can i look for after my masters? Similar to what any other MS graduate has. additionally you have accumulated a lot of work experience that will work towards your advantage. Especially if you like to work for Oil companies or related industries there are a lot of opportunities for you (and hopefully a large amount of money)

4) I have following universities in my mind, which would be the best option ? I only know about UC Berkeley. It is a pretty good university. With friendly professors and extremely difficult exams (GPAs for grad students at UC Berkeley are not very high but still worth it, you learn a lot) Let me know once you got admitted. Perhaps we can have a beer together :)


answered 09 Jul '10, 08:42

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Mark ♦
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Is a quant score of 750 really an automatic rejection? I got accepted for MS/PhD at UCB with a 760 quant and I didn't come from a big time school. Of course, YMMV and maybe more importantly YSCMVFM (your skin color may vary from mine).

(10 Jul '10, 01:27) AnORStudent

Oh don't bring in skin color. I don't know any reputable place that judges on skin color and would have no way of knowing it anyway from an application. This sort of comment just poisons the discussion.

(10 Jul '10, 02:18) Michael Trick ♦♦

There was a bit of tongue-in-cheek in my comment, and more of a reflection of my chronic impostor syndrome. I don't think that being a minority got me into any graduate program that I wouldn't have qualified for otherwise. That being said, I did receive funding offers that I wouldn't have qualified for had I not been a minority. For that I'm only grateful. What does actually bother me is if the original poster would be qualified except for 750 Q GRE. I find it hard to believe that doing simple algebraic manipulations quickly for an hour is a strong indicator of research ability.

(11 Jul '10, 18:01) AnORStudent

so can i get in to Berkely with this profile ?

(17 Jul '10, 06:55) Ram

Virginia Tech has a good IE/OR program. Disclosure: I did get my undergraduate in IE from there.

I would take a look at the Texas and Louisiana schools since the oil business is very important there (i.e. Chemical Engr influence). So if you are targeting an industry you might want to see which schools specialize in that industry.


answered 09 Jul '10, 12:56

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do i stand a chance in Virginia Tech ?

(17 Jul '10, 06:53) Ram
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