What's (in your experience) the canonical testdata set for Vehicle Routing or Airplane Routing? And where can I find them?

Are there also any advanced testdata sets available too, that add in other constraints? Maybe a competition dataset?

asked 10 Feb '12, 11:46

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Geoffrey De ... ♦
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fbahr ♦

For the record: I went for fbahr's comment http://neo.lcc.uma.es/radi-aeb/WebVRP/ which looks like the best VRP resource of all of these (but the others are good too :).

(26 Feb '12, 10:31) Geoffrey De ... ♦

The classical benchmark testset is that by Marius Solomon.


answered 10 Feb '12, 12:02

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Marco Luebbecke ♦
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You might also check the following sources for various VRP instances, although they might have some overlaps with each other as well as the links Marco and Florian have already mentioned.

  1. OR Library

  2. SYMPHONY VRP Instances

  3. HeuristicLab

  4. Dynamic VRP

  5. Gilbert Laporte's Collection


answered 10 Feb '12, 14:00

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Ehsan ♦
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For the CVRP, the standard dataset is CMT (Christofides, Mingozzi, Toth), while for large instances the standard testbed are the Golden et.al. instances. They can all be downloaded from here

EDIT: COIN-OR is a nice source too. Click here


answered 26 Feb '12, 20:34

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Florents Tselai
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Doh! That one isn't in the .vrp file format, but some custom format. It looked like most seemed to be in the .vrp file format, so I ignored any that are not. Are there any other datasets in the same file format?

(27 Feb '12, 03:55) Geoffrey De ... ♦

I don't think the file format is as much of a problem - Only the instance name matters. The most popular ones are .dat .vrp and .txt. I have succesfully used all of these. All you have to do is use a good editor that can open all of them. My standard choice is Notepad++ ! You just open a .vrp with it and copy-paste the data in .txt format or any other format you want!

(27 Feb '12, 05:31) Florents Tselai

@Florenc Good point, but my time to work on demo's like VRP is limited, so I always go for the most standard format. Copy-pasting is not an option, because I want automate everything, especially my experiments :) It's a pity that the later researchers didn't reuse (and extend) the format of the first researchers :/ It shouldn't be to hard to take the vrp format and add in other data as needed (but XML would be nicer of course).

(05 Mar '12, 02:47) Geoffrey De ... ♦

I see this is an old thread, but a large set of TSPLIB-formatted test instances (no time windows) is at:



answered 22 Jul '13, 12:46

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Chris Groer
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