Is it possible to get at the data under OR-Exchange?

I was idly wondering which times of the day were busiest here on OR-Exchange, and I realised that there are lots of interesting questions you could ask, eg:

  • Busiest times of the day, days of the week, periods in history
  • Most popular tags
  • Patterns of posting by users
  • Clustering users based on their activity
  • Optimal posting characteristics to get a good response
  • Text mining of posts and responses
  • Patterns of edits

These are the types of questions that seem made for OR and analytics to ask and answer! What I'm thinking of is some sort of web interface where this data could be extracted, and even some pre-built reports on top of it. Who knows, if we come up with some interesting stuff we may be able to replicate it for the other Stack Overflow type sites.

I don't see any privacy implications since the information is all on the site anyway if you click through all the posts - it's just not very accessible.

I'm not sure how we would go about this, but presumably if the data can be extracted for export to another site, then an automated extract could occur also...?

What do people think? Am I the only one who would find this data interesting?

asked 23 Jun '10, 20:15

DC%20Woods's gravatar image

DC Woods ♦
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retagged 05 Dec '11, 15:02

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fbahr ♦

We discussed it on another thread a little. Perhaps you want to take a look into Pipes


answered 23 Jun '10, 21:51

Mark's gravatar image

Mark ♦
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It might be interesting to know. Many sites do the same reporting stuff for twitter (eg. But I am not sure if its worth it for "or-exchange" as the number of active users on this forum would be 10-12.


answered 23 Jun '10, 21:34

Venky's gravatar image

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10-12 based on the people who respond. i might be wrong. I am not sure if the number of views for a question uniquely identifies people.

(23 Jun '10, 21:36) Venky

About 40 if you take reputation >= 50 as a measure. 1200/day in terms of page views.

(24 Jun '10, 00:36) Michael Trick ♦♦

Is that 1200 views, or 1200 unique people? Sometimes I might look at the same thread more than 20 times!

(24 Jun '10, 01:41) DC Woods ♦

Page Views. I'll see if I can get uniques.

(24 Jun '10, 15:13) Michael Trick ♦♦

The Stack Overflow trilogy sites provide their data monthly in a creative commons data dump. I imagine there's some way to pull the data out for this site; it may be whoever set the site up just requests it... link text


answered 29 Jun '10, 11:46

Jon%20Fournier's gravatar image

Jon Fournier
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