I'd like to know in advance about as much O.R. summer schools as possible.

Which ones are promoted on a regular frequency? How do you usually get informed about them?

Thanks in advance.

asked 06 Jan '12, 11:19

Thiago%20Serra's gravatar image

Thiago Serra
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Maybe I am promising too much, but we organized a summer school on column generation in 2006 (Montreal, http://www.gerad.ca/ecole2006/anglais.htm) and 2010 (Darmstadt, http://www3.mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de/ags/optimization/events/activities/colgen-2010.html), so it seems we established a tradition of having them in every year there is a soccer world championship :-) Watch out for 2014!


answered 06 Jan '12, 13:48

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Marco Luebbecke ♦
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On my self-interest, I suggest the next one to be held in the same city as the world cup opening. I can give a hand in such case. :0)

(06 Jan '12, 13:56) Thiago Serra

;-) thanks, nice idea, I keep you posted... (and Germany wins :-D)

(06 Jan '12, 14:01) Marco Luebbecke ♦

Ok. (as always, our main concern here is that Argentina does not win!)

(06 Jan '12, 15:01) Thiago Serra

Mailing lists.


answered 06 Jan '12, 15:23

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fbahr ♦
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Since 2005, ACP has been promoting a yearly summer school on Constraint Programming.


answered 06 Jan '12, 11:26

Thiago%20Serra's gravatar image

Thiago Serra
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ICAPS seems to be doing the same. I'm waiting for more information about their Planning & Scheduling summer school in Brazil.


answered 06 Jan '12, 11:27

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Thiago Serra
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