Hello all, my name is Pavan and I am trying to model 2D-Cutting Stock Problem using AMPL.

The model formulation seems non-linear. Please can anyone suggest me any open source solvers for solving non-linear optimization problem in AMPL?

Thanks in advance.

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Solvers that Work with AMPL [ampl.com] gives a (complete?) listing of "solvers that work with AMPL" (as you might have guessed).

Most prominently, CPLEX and Gurobi - which both are not OSL'ed, but - if you're eligible for an academic license - "free" (of charge). Afaik, the same is true for LOQO and OOQP.

If none of those fits your needs, you may try COIN-OR projects Bonmin/CBC (MINLP) and Ipopt (NLP).

[PS: Hans Mittelmann's Benchmark of commercial and other (QC)QP solvers]


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Thank you for your input

(05 Dec '11, 01:48) Pavan

Is it possible your problem can be viewed as a cumulative scheduling task?

If so, this may help you get started with a free solver, Gecode, or you may consider the free to academia solver, Comet. Both appear to have built in support for cumulative scheduling.


answered 04 Dec '11, 23:28

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Interesting perspective. One of my constraints is for identifying the non-dominating pattern and yeah, this can be a scheduling problem. I will have a look anyways. Thank you

(05 Dec '11, 01:51) Pavan
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