There is a decision variable \(x \ge 0\) and a given parameter \(\text{MIN}\). The quantity \(mk\) is calculated as \(mk = \text{MIN} - x\).

I want to distinguish cases as far as the sign of \(mk\) is concerned. I have defined a binary decision variable that is \(1\) when \(mk \ge 0\) and \(0\) otherwise.

I have the following constraint \(y \le \text{A} + b \cdot mk\). \(\text{A}\) is a parameter/constant.

How can I linearize it?

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asked 24 Nov '11, 08:13

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Is b a decision variable? How does it fit with the rest?

(24 Nov '11, 08:16) Thiago Serra

Sorry! Yes b is the binary decision var I defined that is 1 when mk>=0 and 0 otherwise.

(24 Nov '11, 08:21) standrul

Assuming you have an upper bound \(U\) on \(x\):

\(y \le A+mk-(1-b) \times (MIN-U)\) and \(y \le A+b \times MIN\)


answered 25 Nov '11, 17:15

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From AIMMS' Modeling Guide, chapter on "Integer Programming Tricks":

> 7.3 Either-or constraints and 7.4 Conditional constraints.


answered 24 Nov '11, 09:50

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