I am looking for a set of blogs to follow from an OR software developer perspective. I know we have discussed OR oriented blogs before (see here and here), but I want to differentiate this a bit: I want some focus, lessons or entries from an OR/mathematical/statistical software development perspective. I also know that we have quite a few OR software developers in this community, so I would be curious to know what they follow in this regard. I have also found that blogs of people from OR consultancy community are sometimes quite valuable in this regard, since they end up using these software and can provide some insight onto the challenges they face (Erwin's blog comes in mind).

Here is my collection so far (starting from Mike's blogroll, INFORMS blogroll, OR-Exchange directory and then web search). Quite a few of these blogs are from software vendors, and often posts are about new releases, but I have found good posts on and off from these ones.

This question is a community wiki - so feel free to add to this list directly.

This question is marked "community wiki".

asked 22 Nov '11, 13:20

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Samik R.
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fbahr ♦

I write about algorithms too at http://erlingdandersen.blogspot.com/


answered 30 Nov '11, 05:46

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@Erling "Community wiki", that is: If you think that your blog matches the OPs requirements, feel free to add yourself in! (And also here, of course: OR Social Network Users Directory)

(30 Nov '11, 06:03) fbahr ♦

Hi Erling, I tried searching for your blog but could not locate it. I even went to MOSEK's website, but did not see any link. Did I miss a link at MOSEK website? Thanks.

(30 Nov '11, 11:56) Samik R.

Added the blog in the list.

(30 Nov '11, 12:00) Samik R.

My blog is at http://erlingdandersen.blogspot.com/ as I mentioned. I also added myself to OR Social Network Users Directory.

(01 Dec '11, 03:01) Erling

@Erling: What I meant was, I tried searching for your blog before you posted the URL here, but did not find it. Thanks for adding it to the directory.

(06 Dec '11, 20:04) Samik R.

I've found this blog from Microsoft Solver foundation:



answered 04 Apr '12, 10:20

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Yep, will add this to the list: unfortunately, though, most blog posts have been written by Nate Brixius - who left MS ...and the future of MSF seems to be somewhat unclear [but that's just my understanding].

(04 Apr '12, 11:00) fbahr ♦

My blog is http://nathanbrixius.wordpress.com, and I do blog about operations research from a software development perspective.

(08 Apr '12, 21:00) Nathan Brixius

Since a couple of months we also have a blog for AIMMS: http://blog.aimms.com

We do not post new release information there, but more tips & tricks on how to use AIMMS and also some modelling tips/tricks.


answered 06 Apr '12, 07:24

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Guido Diepen
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