I request all the community members to suggest few places where i can do my internship.

My interests are

  • Linear Programming
  • Stochastic Modeling, or
  • any place where OR and chemical engineering go hand in hand.

thank you so much in advance

asked 27 Sep '11, 18:23

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fbahr ♦

INFORMS has an internship clearing house. I'm not sure if it's currently being actively marketed, but you can find it here.


answered 01 Oct '11, 10:20

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Matthew Salt... ♦
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Dear Ram,

At n-Side we do OR to optimize costs for steel production (http://www.scoop4steel.com/EN/ ). We accept some internships (n-Side is located in Belgium but customers are all over the world). Here is the address in case you want to apply: recruiting@n-side.com



answered 28 Sep '11, 02:59

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pierre schaus
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I know my company has two OR internship positions (but not related to chemical engg) for 2012, but its for 6 months and not three months. So, if you are interested apply at www.monsanto.com/careers. The positions are advertised as "Operations Research Coop".

All the best in your internship search.


answered 12 Oct '11, 09:07

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@Matthew Saltzman , For some reason I can't click on your hyperlink but I found it through google (http://www.informs.org/Build-Your-Career/INFORMS-Student-Union/Internships) and it looks interesting.


answered 24 Oct '11, 07:48

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I would suggest you look at www.indeed.com actually you can subscribe the internship information through indeed by entering the keyword you want, For example, operations research, you will receive the opportunities by email based on frequency you set, either every day or every week, hope it can help


answered 24 Oct '11, 23:39

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Jiadong Wang
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