I’m an Industrial Engineer currently working in a thermal power plant. I would like to do Phd in Industrial Engineering. I’d like to know some of the IE topics (like Optimization models etc.) that can be considered for my PHD work related to Power Plants.

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In 2010, ROADEF (a French OR society) proposed a challenge involving the problem of scheduling the maintenance of nuclear power plants. Maybe it would be of your interest:

Challenge ROADEF 2010


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There are many examples of IE/OR topics that can be applied to issues related to power plants. For example, you might apply pricing techniques for proper determination of energy products prices considering your costs, network configuration, and of course your competitors. In this field, you usually need to use a variety of optimization techniques and game theory.

Another example is application of finding appropriate location of power plants with respect to current and future customers' locations. You can also consider a multi-layer power network design problem consisting of various power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities. Here, you usually use integer programming and combinatorial optimization techniques while dealing with network and discrete location problem. However, you might need using numerical optimization methods if you model you problem as a continuous location problem.

Forecasting of energy demand (or price) is another example in which you have to determine future demand (or price) based on historical data using a variety of techniques such as regression analysis, time series, or neural networks.

Another interesting topic might be production planning of power plants given various factors such as production capacities, energy demand, and fuel price and supply. Same as location problems, you usually use integer programming and combinatorial optimization techniques.

Finally, the issue of reliability in power plants leads to maintenance scheduling and reliability topics, which are based on both application of optimization and stochastic processes techniques.

At the end, I highly recommend you to follow the works of Prof. Mohammad Shahidehpour as a leading researcher in the area of energy systems optimization, especially if you have an electrical engineering-related background and experience.


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even network flows can be of some use to you..


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