It seems that Operations Research does not have a central directory of relevant people to follow on the various social networks. Some people maintain their own lists on twitter, or have blog rolls, but it would be useful to have a central directory, and OR-Exchange seems like as good a place as any, especially since it can be edited by anyone.

Feel free to add to this list, and let’s try to keep it up to date. It’s community wiki, which means that anyone can edit it. Edit the question to see examples of how to add links. ADD YOURSELF, or anyone else you know of. If you cannot add yourself, please leave your particulars in a comment or send them to someone on the list via one of the networks.

OR people to follow on Twitter

  • siah - Mark Alen, UC Berkeley
  • AustinLBuchanan - Austin Buchanan, Texas A&M
  • ORNinja - Marc-André Carle, Université Laval
  • rocarvaj - Rodolfo Carvajal, Georgia Tech
  • pelindcay - Pelin Cay, Lehigh University
  • sertalpbilal - Sertalp B. Cay, Lehigh University
  • wjcook - Bill Cook, Georgia Tech
  • larrydag - Larry D’Agostino, IEORTools.com
  • geoffreydesmet - Geoffrey De Smet, JBoss (by Red Hat) OptaPlanner lead
  • idunning - Iain Dunning, MIT
  • alerera - Alan Erera, Georgia Tech
  • 4er - Bob Fourer, Northwestern Univ & AMPL Optimization
  • gglockner - Greg Glockner (personal)
  • famo2spaghi - Stefano Gualandi
  • tdhopper - Tim Hopper, North Carolina State University
  • MrBoJensen - Bo Jensen, Sulum Optimization
  • ksphil - S. Phil Kim, U of Minnesota
  • bjarnimax - Bjarni Kristjansson, Maximal Software and INFORMS VP of IT
  • JeffLinderoth - Jeff Linderoth, U Wisconsin
  • mluebbecke - Marco Luebbecke, RWTH Aachen University
  • lauramclay - Laura McLay, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Marianela_PC - Marianela Pereira Cea, operations consultant in Vancouver
  • TedRalphs - Ted Ralphs, Lehigh University
  • spokutta - Sebastian Pokutta, Erlangen University
  • JFPuget - Jean-François Puget, IBM
  • venkatesh_cr - Venky Ravichandran, Zilliant
  • parubin - Paul Rubin, Michigan State University
  • SaltzmanMJ - Matthew Saltzman, Clemson University and COIN-OR Foundation
  • thserra - Thiago Serra, Universidade de São Paulo and Petrobras
  • LarrySnyder610 - Larry Snyder, Lehigh University
  • dualnoise - Shiva Subramanian, IBM TJ Watson Labs
  • miketrick - Mike Trick, Carnegie Mellon
  • DCWoods - David Woods, analytics consultant in Melbourne
  • thyunes - Tallys Yunes, University of Miami
  • nanoturkiye - Ahmet Yukselturk, Bilkent University

OR societies, conferences, & journals on Twitter

OR companies, projects, & products on Twitter

OR community feeds on Twitter

  • or_exchange
  • ORMSfact - One operations research fact each week day, brought to you by tdhopper
  • sys_or - reddit feed about systems science, operations research, & everything in between

OR pages & groups on Facebook

OR companies, projects, & products on Facebook

OR people on Google+

OR pages & communities on Google+

OR companies, projects, & products on Google+

OR people on LinkedIn

OR blogs



This question is marked "community wiki".

asked 19 Jul '11, 08:17

DC%20Woods's gravatar image

DC Woods ♦
accept rate: 5%

edited 11 Jun '14, 13:56

Marco%20Luebbecke's gravatar image

Marco Luebbecke ♦

I'm not sure what happens if multiple people are editing simultaneously and then save after each other. If your edits are lost, just try again.

(19 Jul '11, 08:32) DC Woods ♦

I just realised a table layout with one row per person might be good, but I think having to edit the HTML for the table would make it a mess.

(19 Jul '11, 09:01) DC Woods ♦

I've found a bug in OR-Exchange. If your twitter handle is the same as your OR-Exchange user name, then the site overrides any links to twitter and redirects to your OR-Exchange profile page. I'm sure it was a deliberate feature, but kind of annoying now...

(19 Jul '11, 10:55) DC Woods ♦

I found that bug as well. I used underscore to remedy that i.e. (myname)

(19 Jul '11, 13:23) larrydag 1 ♦

I'm going to try to keep this puppy alphabetized by the name of the individual. (Anyone else, please feel free to do the same.)

(22 Jul '11, 14:48) Paul Rubin ♦

Hi Paul,

I noticed you removed the underscores from some of the Twitter references. Me and Larry D'Agostino need to have those underscores, since otherwise OR-X will for some strange reason replace our Twitter link with our OR-X user page (see DC Woods answer below).

I am one of those that are not able to edit the Wiki page, so we need someone with write access, to add the underscores back to [@larrydag] and [@bjarnimax].

(23 Jul '11, 08:43) BjarniMax

@bjarnimax @paul IMHO all twitter names should be with underscores, I have changed it now.

(23 Jul '11, 08:51) Bo Jensen ♦

Do you also want commercial company blogs on your list. I mean MOSEK and AIMMS for instance have blogs.

(05 Dec '11, 02:35) Erling
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There is also a list of blogs on the INFORMS Social Networking page here: http://www.informs.org/Connect-with-People/Social-Networking and there is a similar blog roll in the INFORMS bi-weekly eNews. If you don't see yourself listed, send an email to graphics@mail.informs.org and we'll get it posted. Thanks.


answered 20 Jul '11, 13:01

mlesz1's gravatar image

accept rate: 12%

Personal opinion: I think it's fine to post a third party's blog here, but I'm reluctant to post their G+, LI or TW links without their permission (might open them to spamming?).


answered 24 Jul '11, 16:10

Paul%20Rubin's gravatar image

Paul Rubin ♦
accept rate: 18%

Regarding the "OR blogs" section, remember that we already discussed/listed some of them here, too:

Good OR-based blogs?

Still missing in the listing above [this thread] are, e.g., some more tool-related blogs like:


answered 02 Aug '11, 08:01

fbahr's gravatar image

fbahr ♦
accept rate: 13%

Florian: Did you not have enough karma to add them here? Or were you just offloading work to one of us (i.e., me)? :-)

Anyway, I added them (and a few others).

(02 Aug '11, 11:51) Paul Rubin ♦

@Paul: Yes and no. In theory [according to http://www.or-exchange.com/faq/]: I have enough karma to edit community questions. In practice: I don't see any edit option. (So, bad karma?)

(02 Aug '11, 13:19) fbahr ♦

Directly below the "or-community" tag, I get a menu of links ("edit / close / report / delete / more"). Beneath that, where it mentions the community wiki status and says "Feel free to edit it", the last two words are a link.

(02 Aug '11, 14:10) Paul Rubin ♦

Yep, that's what I was expecting - but: no "edit"ing for me. [I'm going to drop a comment on that in the New-ORX thread.]

(02 Aug '11, 14:28) fbahr ♦
(02 Aug '11, 14:55) fbahr ♦

Hi, great idea!

Am I missing something here? I don't know how to edit the question... Is it maybe because of my low karma?


answered 19 Jul '11, 09:38

Rodolfo%20Carvajal's gravatar image

Rodolfo Carv...
accept rate: 20%

There should be a link after the question that says "This question is marked "community wiki". Feel free to edit it."... if you can't see it then it might be a low karma thing. You can put your details in a comment here and I'll add them.

(19 Jul '11, 10:05) DC Woods ♦

OK, yeah it seems my low karma is the problem.

I would add: @wjcook - Bill Cook, Georgia Tech

@miketrick - Michael Trick (one of the pioneers in social networking among the community)

@rocarvaj - Rodolfo Carvajal, Georgia Tech

@melkor_ia - Diego Moran, Georgia Tech

@santanusdey - Santanu Dey, Georgia Tech

@tpsopt - TSP twitter account (by Bill Cook)

@spokutta - Sebastian Pokutta

@lamclay - Laura McLay

@JeffLinderoth - Jeff Linderoth

@borelian - Eduardo Monero, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

(19 Jul '11, 10:49) Rodolfo Carv...

I'm in the same boat - I must not have enough karma to add myself to the list. Anyway, you can follow me on Google+ or @gglockner on Twitter. I also maintain the Gurobi Twitter account, @gurobi.

(21 Jul '11, 13:44) Greg Glockner

You can find me on:

Twitter: @ORNinja, Marc-André Carle, Université Laval

Blog: The Quest for Optimality


answered 05 Oct '13, 17:34

ORNinja's gravatar image

accept rate: 0%

You can find me on:

Twitter: @famo2spaghi, Stefano Gualandi

Blog: Spaghetti Optimization

LinkedIn: Stefano Gualandi

GooglePlus: Stefano Gualandi


answered 22 Oct '13, 07:59

Stefano%20Gualandi's gravatar image

Stefano Gual...
accept rate: 0%

edited 22 Oct '13, 08:03

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