What is the easiest way to call 'R' functions from inside Java code. Google search indicates several different approaches, it's a bit confusing and i'm no R expert. Easy = anything that doesn't involve many other dependencies that have to downloaded or learnt, minimal coding/effort, works on Windows, and gets the job done.

asked 12 Jul '11, 13:33

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Have you tried looking at the R mailing list? http://r.789695.n4.nabble.com/ I know I've had a hard time searching for things related to R on Google because of its one character name. Don't even get me started on searching for tickets to see the band !!!

(12 Jul '11, 17:48) Luis de la T...

Hi @Luis: thanks for the tip :) will look thru the list though i admit i have more of an OR background compared to stats/econ.

(14 Jul '11, 19:57) shiva

try rcaller. it is the easiest way of calling r from java.


answered 03 Jan '12, 14:39

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The easiest way I've found to get information for R is to use http://www.rseek.org which is a metasearch site for R related topics.

Few methods I found. One was Omegahat's R-Java package for R. The have a good whitepaper on using it with examples. It requires a local install from a zip file. Another method is using the rJava package which should be able to be loaded from the R command line with install.packages("rJava")


answered 14 Jul '11, 08:48

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thanks @larrydag!that was helpful indeed. will try it out soon and try to post feedback.

(14 Jul '11, 19:50) shiva
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