After a bit of comparison, alumni opinions and so on, i am left with following two choices for Masters Program in OR,

a) Virginia Tech

b) North Carolina State University

I am finding it very hard to choose any one of these two. I request all the members of OREx to kindly guide me on this issue.

just to inform my current view,

a) Faculty (both have similar kind of profs...)

b) Coursework (both have nearly similar coursework....NCSU has separate department for OR which I think is a plus point)

c) University reputation (mainly based on ranking...but how true are the rankings?)

d) Outcomes (by this I, phd, no. of students completing their degree..etc...NCSU beats VT i think)

e) Lifestyle (NCSU is much better here..i think)

f) availability of on-campus jobs to cover few of my expenses (In NCSU, few years back it was difficult to find not know about current state....and no idea about VT..not much info available)

g) is NCSU better than VT in sports? (liked the name Wolfpack more than

I do not know how to design a decision model for this issue........

I understand that, finally it is up to me to decide, but few opinions will certainly help my cause...

Thanks in advance.

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I would strongly suggest visiting each campus. Set up appointments with each of the respective department professors. I believe the best informed decision is going to be the one where you can personally evaluate both universities. This is a major decision and requires personal attention. To put it into an example I wouldn't buy a house without stepping inside and looking around.


answered 11 May '11, 09:01

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I can give you a few opinons

b) Coursework: All I can say is that NCSU seems to put a lot of effort into OR and analytics.

e) Lifestyle: The Triangle (where NCSU is located) is a great area to live in. Lot's of things going on, three universities, many technology companies, a great art museum, 2-4 hours to the beach, 3-5 hours to the mountains, people from all over the world... I obviously live in the area and like it a lot! But I have not been to NCSU.

f) Jobs: I don't know about jobs on campus, but there might be student jobs to have in the Triangle Research Park. And with a master in OR there is also a chance to stay in the area after you have your degree.


answered 09 May '11, 08:41

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thanks for useful inputs...not sure if I can work out of campus on my F-1 visa though..

(10 May '11, 09:18) Ram
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