Since the GLPK implements a subset of AMPL, is it possible to follow the AMPL book using GLPK, or does one have to work with the interpreters from

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I am also trying to use GLPK but their parser gives me a lot of errors on my old AMPL files. especially on data files.

(21 Apr '10, 09:18) Mark ♦

The Gnu Math Prog Language (GMPL) pdf that comes with GLPK in the documentation is a really good tutorial. I suggest using this as a reference for any implementations with GLPK. You can find the GMPL.pdf in the "doc" directory of your GLPK folder.


answered 21 Apr '10, 12:21

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Last time I checked there was no official AMPL tool to connect to GLPK. But there is a page that explains how to connect AMPL to any solver.

The following is what I recently recieved from GLPK mailing list by

I am wondering if you guys know any way to call glpk from ampl can I use option solver glpsol from ample?

See: . AFAIK, no one has tried yet to call glpk from ampl. (Please note that the AMPL system is non-free, proprietary software.)


answered 21 Apr '10, 09:25

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