What are some good OR-based blogs. I've been reading Michael Trick's blog for a few months, and have found my way here. I'm sure there must be others, what are they?

asked 19 Apr '10, 11:53

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Appart from the answers bellow, here is another top#5 http://industrialengineertools.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-5-favorite-operations-research-blogs.html by IEORTools

(28 Jun '10, 05:53) adamo

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Michael Tricks blogroll is a good place to start. Those are the best I've found on the web.


answered 19 Apr '10, 12:30

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Thanks - I read his blog through RSS so I'd missed that. Now added to my feed.

(19 Apr '10, 12:45) DC Woods ♦

Since regulars here are apparently too modest to self-promote :-), I'll mention OR by the Beach and IEOR Tools, both of which are on my RSS subscription list. I also keep an eye on Punk Rock Operations Research (despite my thorough dislike of actual punk rock).


answered 19 Apr '10, 15:19

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answered 19 Apr '10, 18:50

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Some blogs I subscribed

Not really a blog, but with an RSS feed - lpsolve mailing list


answered 19 Apr '10, 20:18

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Karsten W.
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You can sometimes find interesting blogs on SYSOR subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/sysor)

I second Larry's suggestion Professor Trick's google feed is a great source. He actively promotes new blogs and websites (http://www.google.com/reader/shared/user/13121408505873356820/label/ORBlogRoll)

You may also want to add a number of other subreddits to your google reader for example I found math and machine learning subreddits to be very helpful.


answered 19 Apr '10, 15:14

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Mark ♦
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Since Paul himself don't self-promote, I will do it for him. I think his blog is interesting, especially if you like the technical details of OR :


In general I think it is too bad the OR blogs have so few comments, it would be nice if the topics lead to some useful feedback on thoughts and ideas.


answered 09 Aug '10, 10:18

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Håkan Kjellerstrand has a nice constraint programming blog. He regularly publishes models written using different systems. There are also news posts such as new versions of CP systems.


answered 22 Apr '10, 16:23

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Some blogs I subscribed


But, as stated by Larry (@larrydag) and Mark (@siah), Mike Trick's "ORBlogRoll" is the most comprehensive collection - and definitely the place to start.



Yet not mentioned, but definitely worth more than a look: Rod Carvalho's "Stochastix" blog


answered 21 Apr '10, 13:02

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PS: You may also be interested in the sci.op-research discussion group: URL: http://groups.google.com/group/sci.op-research/topics ; Feed: http://groups.google.com/group/sci.op-research/feed/rss_v2_0_topics.xml

(21 Apr '10, 17:23) fbahr ♦

PPS: And ...OR-Exchange's own "recent questions" feed: http://www.or-exchange.com/feeds

(21 Apr '10, 17:27) fbahr ♦

I like most of the blogs already mentioned here in the answers and have great pleasure reading them. I agree with Bo Jensen, we need to start commenting more on the blog entries, both to exchange ideas, and also to help motivate the bloggers to post more.

Just wanted mention two places on the INFORMS web site where you can locate more O.R. bloggers:

  • INFORMS Online maintains a list of O.R. Blogs under "Connect with People | Social Networking":


  • INFORMS also issues a Blog challenge each month with a specific theme. Participating in this challenge is a great way for lesser-known blogs to get noticed. The July 2011 Challenge was on O.R. and Social Networking:


This months blog challenge should be just finishing up right now, and the results will be posted soon along with the next months challenge.


answered 02 Aug '11, 10:10

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I would add Reflections on Operations Research to the list.

It is written by a couple of OR consultants, Patricia and Robert Randall, focusing matters of real-world problems they face. It seems that they are not having enough time right now, but I hope they come back soon.


answered 02 Aug '11, 22:22

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