Hi all, I would like to perform some benchmarks over a set of nonlinear problems where some functions (objective or nonlinear constrains) are defined over restricted domains, e.g.

an_objective - > min



x + 5y + 0.01 * x * sqrt(x) < -10

I would easily write my own set of tests (there are some already done), but since my solver is involved (http://openopt.org/ralg, latest stable release vs my current implementation vs some other solvers) it would be much better to have a set taken from an external source, preferably an article or a book. I have searched google with "finite domain non linear benchmark" but there are no appropriate results (I don't know about some non-free journals, however).

So, does anyone know any appropriate source?

Thank you in advance, D.

asked 10 Apr '10, 09:43

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Assuming that by "finite domain" you mean bounded domain (as opposed to solving over a finite lattice), there are several libraries of NLP test problems linked off the NEOS wiki. Many (most?) of them are constrained, including nonlinear constraints (and, I think, some with nonconvex feasible regions).


answered 10 Apr '10, 14:29

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Paul Rubin ♦♦
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Sorry, I meant bounded domain with some constraints defined over restricted domain, e.g. sqrt or log are not defined over R-. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the data formats there, and, as far as I understood, most of them are defined over whole R^nVariables. Thus I'm still searching for text description of the test cases with restricted domains, if anyone knows.

(10 Apr '10, 15:17) Dmitrey
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