I am having a hard time finding adequate literature (books/journals etc.) to get a good impression on the traveling tournament or sport scheduling problem. Are there any specific books that you could recommend for working on a university paper? Thank you

asked 29 Mar '10, 11:45

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Gesa M.
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This is not the sort of thing that has books yet (outside of a PhD dissertation published as a book). The paper, "Scheduling in Sports: An Annotated Bibliography" Computers & Operations Research Volume 37, Issue 1, January 2010, Pages 1-19 is pretty thorough in covering the current state of the art.


answered 29 Mar '10, 13:11

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Here is a link for a newsletter "OR in Sports". It doesn't seem to be updated recently but it has some good contacts. I've listened to a lecture by Jim Cochran and highly recommend his work.



answered 29 Mar '10, 17:29

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I don't know of any papers, but I do know who could point you in the right direction. Professor Sheldon Jacobson Ph.D. University of Illinois Computer Science department. Don't let the C.S. department fool you. He works predominately in Industrial Engineering and Applied OR. He is quite the expert in the bracket system, and has done work for the NCAA. Here is his website for the university....


There are some links to articles and other sites you may find useful.


answered 03 Apr '10, 05:07

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Mark Moulton
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I was an undergrad at VT when Dr. Jacobson was on staff. He is a great OR academic.

(07 Apr '10, 13:55) larrydag 1 ♦

Thank you very much for your quick answers, it helps a lot.


answered 30 Mar '10, 09:37

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