I am taking a graduate level simulation course and I am looking for an interesting simulation topic to work on. If you have an idea or you would like to simulate your current problem I will be happy to do it for you (specially if you are working on an analytical model in a paper and would like to see simulations)

I am more interested in theoretical challenges in simulation and not the software side (I mean I do not like to do a huge classical ARENA model but I am willing to put in a lot of effort in writing my own codes)

I appreciate it if you could give me some ideas either here or by sending an email to "Mark Alen (linux_jvm@yahoo.com)"

Thank you

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Suggestions. I would look to where the most "buzz" is going in today's business and organizational needs. The OR magazines and blogs can be a good reference. I would think you can find topics in the following

  • Online marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Travel/transportation recommendations

answered 17 Mar '10, 17:00

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I had a similar class last year and ended up creating a simulation for fire stations / emergency deployment. The simulation itself was designed to answer questions such as: given the occurence of fires in a city and the locations of fire stations in that city, how should we allocate fire trucks across stations? If we had to close a fire station due to budget cuts, then which station should we close? If we had to open a new station, then where should we open it? We used Sigma instead of Arena though...


answered 01 May '10, 16:25

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