Hello everyone! I have values as integer array x[i][j], y[i]. These values are obtained using a heuristic algorithm now, I want to pass these values to CPLEX as start solution using these values. I using addMIPStart() method for this.After reading the related problem https://www.or-exchange.org/questions/8191/addmipstart-problem,I learn about some information ,but there still some errors. My approach is as: I defined IloIntArray tstart(env); IloIntArray2 xstart(env); IloIntArray xstartyiwei(env);//Turn 2D xstart to 1D xstartyiwei and similarly IIloArray<iloboolvararray> X(env, TotalNode); IloNumVarArray Xyiwei(env, TotalNodeTotalNode, 0, 1) ////Turn 2D X to 1D Xyiwei IloIntVarArray t(env, TotalNode, 0, Tteam); (and also defined memory for both of these arrays). Then I stored the values of x[i][j], y[i] in xstart(env),tstart(env) Now I am calling addMipStart as follows: cplex.exportModel("model.lp"); IloNumVarArray startVar(env); IloNumArray startVal(env); for (int i = 0; i < TotalNodeTotalNode; i++) { startVar.add(Xyiwei[i]); startVal.add(xstartyiwei[i]);

    for (int i = 0; i < TotalNode; i++)

    IloCplex::MIPStartEffort effort = IloCplex::MIPStartEffort::MIPStartAuto;
    cplex.addMIPStart(startVar, startVal, effort, "startsolusion.mst");     
when it turn to the statement"cplex.addMIPStart(startVar, startVal, effort, "startsolusion.mst");   ",it gives me the error"Error: IloExtractable 1 IloNumVarI has not been extracted by IloAlgorithm 0000028CD910E0D0";But if I Comment out this statement:

"for (int i = 0; i < TotalNode*TotalNode; i++) { startVar.add(Xyiwei[i]); startVal.add(xstartyiwei[i]);

there are not the error.
However,another error will be when it turns to "cplex.readMIPStarts("startsolusion.mst");"
Actually,there are not a startsolusion.mst file accur after the ststement "cplex.addMIPStart(startVar, startVal, effort, "startsolusion.mst");"
So,I think the last two parameters "effort",and "startsolusion.mst" in "cplex.addMIPStart(startVar, startVal, effort, "startsolusion.mst");" are not true.
My English is poor,please bear with me.I want to learn more about cplex.readMIPStarts.

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