Is there a way to read math model from SAV file but not load the basis? In my benders decomposition implementation the sub problem is taking too long. I guess this is because of the basis in the SAV file has the optimization algorithm begin from further away than from starting from clean slate, or the basis has some numerical issues. I could use LP file, but I like the speed in which SAV file read/write is possible. Is there a way to not load basis or remove basis after reading the model from SAV file?

The method I was experimenting was (when model is the cplex object that has the model read to): model.start.set_basis([0 for i in model.variables.get_num()],[0 for i in model.linear_constraints.get_num()])

That does not seem right because it is not equal to starting from clean slate. Anybody can help on this?

asked 18 Jan '18, 11:21

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You could load the sav file and switch off advance basis information :

advanced start switch

Remember to switch it back on, when needed !

Please note we have a CPLEX forum, were you can also ask questions.


answered 23 Jan '18, 02:59

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Thanks for the answer!

(23 Jan '18, 11:50) Naveen Divak...
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