This topic may seem a little speculative, but I would like to start a new discussion about the future of the Operations Research field considering both academic and practitioner perspectives.

What do you consider the most promising trends in the OR field that may have high impact on society, economy or a specific industry?

I would like to highlight some promising streams that come to my mind:

1) Development of accessible state-of-the-art solutions for business that lack of decisions support methods;

2) Improvement of the theoretical background and general exact/heuristic/hybrid solution techniques that could efficiently deliver high quality solutions for general problems;

3) Development of tailor-made solutions for some innovative or very specific problems of an industry or society - focusing on problem-oriented models and solution methods;

4) Combination of OR tools with other techniques and concepts from related fields, such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Industry 4.0 technologies;

5) Other tendencies: Integration of problems and decision levels in a single model (global optimization), incorporation of uncertainty, real-time optimization.

What do you think?

Thank you in advance.

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Society: The combination of affordable computing power, access (via the Internet) to data from various sources (particularly data posted by governments), free access to mapping data, new data analytics techniques (e.g., machine learning) and a generation of new OR analysts with a stronger commitment (expectation?) to service has the potential to result in new ideas, analyses and tools for dealing with various social evils (human trafficking, pollution, ...).

Business: The movement of OR tools companies into cloud computing may result in "commoditized" models, where a business can license a model (from source A) and a computing engine (from source B), upload their data and get an answer they need, without needing to invest heavily in software or personnel that will be used only sparingly (and therefore would not recompense the expense).


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