Hello everybody, I am a Cplex beginner. Please i want to ask how can i, with Cplex, define an interval "IntCov" that cover a set of other intervals (the exact number of covered intervals is unknown) where their size is limited by a MaximumSize. I want to schedule an unavailability period after processing some tasks (the total processing time should not exceed MaximumSize. Any other suggestions are accepted. Thank you in advance.

asked 05 Dec '17, 16:35

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Hi, have you had a look at span constraints ?

The constraint span(a, {b1, .., bn}) states that the interval a (if present) spans over all present intervals from the set {b1, .., bn}. In other words, interval a starts together with the first present interval from {b1, .., bn} and ends together with the last present interval. If a is not present, then no b interval is present.

And for unavailability

forbidStart and forbidEnd

This constraint is used to indicate that a given interval variable cannot start at a particular date. Let a denote a fixed interval and F an integer stepwise function. The constraint forbidStart(a, F), states that whenever the interval is present, it cannot start at a value t where F(t) = 0.



answered 10 Jan '18, 07:00

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