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I like to know what video courses in optimization and operations research are publicly available (which are taught in universities)? If you know some courses, please share their links.

asked 18 Oct '17, 18:07

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The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (at University of Minnesota) has recently run a short course on mathematical optimization taught by experts in the field. They uploaded recordings for every lecture. The course covers a wide variety of topics in operations research. You can watch/download the recordings here.


answered 18 Oct '17, 21:05

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Thanks. it covers so interesting topics.

(19 Oct '17, 10:28) Amin-Sh

The Coursera course Discrete Optimization is very good (same one mentioned by Paul): it gives an in-depth explanation of the constraint solving algorithms (not just one family), etc. If you're looking for a solid, broad, long-term, academic foundation, that's the way to go. It includes several exercises to sharpen your skills.

You might find my video (90 mins) useful too, I explain several use cases and then focus specifically on implementing them with our open source constraint solver.


answered 02 Nov '17, 05:33

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If you google "optimization edx" and "optimization coursera", you'll find links to optimization courses on the Coursera and EdX platforms.


answered 19 Oct '17, 16:20

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Dear Paul, thank you.I prefer courses which are taught in university classes like Covnex Optimization by Stephan Boyd. I think videos in Coursera and edx are good to understand just the basics.

(19 Oct '17, 16:55) Amin-Sh

I don't entirely understand. CVX101 is titled "Convex Optimization" and has Stephen Boyd as lead instructor. It is on EdX. I don't know if it is only good for the basics, but the course page says it is "[a]n advanced class, targeting MS and PhD level students in mathematically sophisticated fields", for whatever that is worth.

(19 Oct '17, 17:03) Paul Rubin ♦♦

I have watched his course at Stanford and it was a great course.

(08 Nov '17, 15:33) Amin-Sh

Coursera currently have one that I like. It is different from the one mentioned by Geoffrey:


answered 27 Nov '17, 07:46

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  • Convex: These are great convex lectures from Stanford, and the course website includes a lot of additional material (notes, hw, etc).

  • Nonlinear: I've also enjoyed nonlinear optimization (especially conjugate gradient lectures) from Michael Zubilevsky here. You might like to follow his nonlinear class from his website which includes video lectures.


answered 19 Dec '17, 18:31

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