Due to a high volume of spam and issues with captcha and logging in, the asking and answering of questions have been temporarily disabled.

asked 10 Jan '17, 16:01

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dwirth ♦♦
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closed 21 Jul '17, 08:15

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Mike Trick ♦♦


We hope to get the full system working again, but perhaps seeing the questions and answers is still useful to people.

(10 Jan '17, 16:06) Mike Trick ♦♦

Allowing comments is a loophole in your anti-spam posture. Fresh comments drive the parent question to the top of the board.

(10 Jan '17, 22:29) Mark L Stone

The comment system works differently than the "ask" and "answer" functions. The good news is that commenting is restricted to users with karma > 50, which should prevent any spammers from using the comment function.

(11 Jan '17, 15:11) dwirth ♦♦

It has been suggested that we deal with the spam problem by putting all questions and answers by low-karma users into a moderation queue. That is not a feature of the OSQA platform (why? good question --seems like an obvious option and it is implemented for comments so why not for questions and answers?) so we are going to have to do some development work to build that feature. Any input regarding the new feature from our regular users of this site would be appreciated.

(11 Jan '17, 15:21) dwirth ♦♦

I'm in favor of moderating questions from low-karma users (with, of course, an explicit warning to them), and I'd be willing to share the moderation load. One thing that would help would be robo-emails to moderators both when a question is queued and when it is processed. Personally, I'm not exactly glued to the site 24-7, so I'd need to be pinged when a question needed moderating.

(11 Jan '17, 18:55) Paul Rubin ♦♦

Thanks for the action. The past month was really annoying with huge number of spam emails and rss feeds.

(11 Jan '17, 23:55) Ehsan ♦

Is there an expected/anticipated date when or-exchange postings are re-enabled?

(24 Jan '17, 17:42) Joris Kinable

Sorry, we have a couple of high-profile projects underway at the moment, but I hope to put some time into OR Exchange in April. Despite the fact that nobody can ask or answer questions at the moment, we are getting flooded with new user registrations, so I am going to try to address that first. The captcha for local registration still appears to be working. I suspect these spammers are registering via the external registration process, so I will be shutting that off as soon as I can figure out how.

(23 Mar '17, 14:20) dwirth ♦♦

I have disabled user registration and all non-local account registration and login for now. You can still login using a local account. I know a lot of you like to use OpenID accounts to login to this site but I think a prudent first step in resolving our spam problems is to disable external authentication systems over which I have no control. As soon as I can look into the captcha problem and get that resolved, I will re-enable posting and local registration, and we'll see how that goes. If all is well, I will turn on external authentication modules one at a time and we'll see how that goes.

(23 Mar '17, 14:36) dwirth ♦♦

Is there any hope that posting will ever resume?

(13 Apr '17, 10:02) Mark L Stone
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Disabling has been turned off - July 2017" by Mike Trick 21 Jul '17, 08:15

Asking and answering functionality has been restored and the captcha re-enabled. I did some testing, which seemed to prove that the captcha was working OK, so hopefully that will reduce the amount of spam that you all were receiving previously.

OpenID is still disabled. Fixing that is still on the to-do list.


answered 12 Jul '17, 12:30

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dwirth ♦♦
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really enjoying the emails coming in, alerting me of new questions. thanks a lot, @dwirth

(24 Jul '17, 08:15) Marco Luebbecke ♦

testing current lockdown

(04 Jun '19, 07:41) dwirth ♦♦

It would appear that commenting has not been disabled. If that presents a problem I will look into how to disabled that as well.

(04 Jun '19, 07:44) dwirth ♦♦

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